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WORLD POETRY DAY(S) 2017: Whose voice is heard? poetry, music, rock'n'roll
public readings and “listenings”/ discussions / concerts / performances
20 Mar Mon
22 Mar Wed

The Cultural Centre of Belgrade gathers on the occasion of World Poetry Day(s) authors from all over the world and Serbia in order to make poetry and literature more accessible and appealing today, to inform the public about the latest trends in poetry on the literary scenes in Europe and the USA, to establish collaboration between Serbian and foreign authors, to educate young people and to emphasize a productive connection between poetry and other media/art disciplines. The event has been raising various issues since it was launched, but one of the most important are the social statues of contemporary poetry and its activist potential.

Belgrade has had a pleasure to welcome some of the most important poets in the world today: Charles Simic, Adam Zagajewski, Ewa Lipska, Charles Simic, Amir Or, Uwe Kolbe, Valerio Margelli , Katalin Ladik, Mutsuo Takahashi, Umberto Fiori, Ana Blandiana, Sergey Timofeyev and poetry group "Orbit" (Latvia), Monika Rinck, Aleš Debeljak , Nikola Madžirov, Gerhard Falkner, Jerome Rotenberg, Maria Grazia Calderone
The festival in 2017 will be dedicated to the main formative elements of poetry: rhythm and melody - "voice and music in a text". Literature per se (ergo, both prose and poetry) is linked closely to music from their common syncretic origins up to today. Since we are living in an age, lacking in enthusiasm for either poetry or a genuine type of communication, and in a deafening world of cacophony and a constant re-distribution of the social powers, it seems important to keep asking the same questions: Whose voice (s) do we actually hear? Who are we listening to? Who are we going to hear out/listen to? ... Therefore, a novelty of this seventeenth festival edition will be concerts of several bands and a group of artists whose creativity incorporates a combination of modern and traditional/classical poetic texts and (a new type of) music/rock 'n' roll. In recent years in Belgrade, one can follow several bands that came up with their authentic music styles and clear political positions by means of combining rock, pop and new sound with poetic texts. On the other hand, numerious poets ground their individual literary styles on the symbiosis of rock ‘n’ roll, pop culture and (classical) literature.
Participants 2017:
Еwa Sonnenberg (Poland), Luciano Cecchinel (Italy), Ron Winkler (Germany), Damir Šodan (the Netherlands/Croatia), Dragoslav Dedović (Germany), Primož Čučnik (Slovenia), Gianni Gregory-Fornet (France), Uroš Bojanović (BiH), Delimir Rešicki (Croatia), Jovica Ivanovski (Macedonia) and poets from Serbia: Dragana Mladenović, Ognjenka Lakićević, Dragan Bošković, Miloš Živanović, Petar Matović, Bojan Marjanović, Vladimir Kopicl, Dubravka Đurić, Nenad Milošević, Radmila Lazić, Bojan Savić Ostojić, Aleksandar Šurbatović i Maša Seničić.
Bands/musical group of artists: „Аh Ahilej”, “Kralj Čačka”, “Nebograd”, “Orasi”, ”The Vocal Clash”
Translators: Biserka Rajičić, Ana Ristović, Dragan Mraović and Dragoslav Dedović
Festival 2017 editors: Zvonko Karanović and Olivera Stošić Rakić 
Monday, 20th March
Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Artget Gallery, Trg republike 5/I
16.30 – 18.00 Discussion: Poetry anthologies – opening new or old windows?
Participants: Radmila Lazić, Dubravka Đurić, Bojana Stojanović Pantović, Dragoslav Dedović, Damir Šodan and Nenad Milošević
Moderator: Zvonko Karanović
18.30 – 19.30  ”Literary café“ of Goethe Institute in  Cultural Centre of Belgrade:
What is heard behind the Wall: poetry of Ron Winkler (Berlin)
Participants: Ron Winkler, Dragoslav Dedović and Zvonko Karanović
Club Polet, Cetinjska  15, Belgrade
20.00 – 22.00   Concerts and poetry reading: 
- Delimir Rešicki reads poetry
- Nebograd performe audio-poetic performance: New Composers and New Poetry
Composers: Matija Anđelković, Vladimir Korać, Luka Čubrilo        
Poets: Slobodan Ivanović, Uroš Kotlajić, Anja Marković, Ana Miković, Aleksandar Šurbatović,
Tamara Šuškić
Music performed by: Matija Anđelković, Marija Družijanić, Aleksandra Bengin, Luka Lopičić, Rastko Uzunović, Luka Čubrilo
Poetry read by: Stefan Kostadinović, Anja Marković, Ana Miković, Tamara Šuškić
- Dragoslav Dedović reads poetry
- Damir Šodan performs on a guitar: Cure for Love (tribute to Leonard Cohen)
Tuesday, 21st March
Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Artget Gallery, Trg republike 5/I
17.00 – 18.00 What is heard behind the Wall: poetry of Luciano Cecchinel(Revine-Lago)
Participants: Luciano Cecchinel and Dragan Mraović
Library “Jovan Popović“, Trg srpskih dobrovoljaca 57, Kikinda
19.00 – 20.30  What is heard behind the Wall:  poetry of  Uroš Bojanović (Teslić) Delimir Rešicki (Osijek) and  Ognjenka Lakićević (Belgrade) in Kikinda
Participants:  Uroš Bojanović, Delimir Rešicki and Ognjenka Lakićević
Moderator: Srđan Srdić
Cultural Centre of Belgrade – different spaces
18.30 – 20.00 Listening to poetry: Ewa Sonnenberg, Ron Winkler, Damir Šodan, Radmila Lazić, Dubravka Đurić, Petar Matović, Bojan Savić Ostojić, Nenad Milošević, Dragana Mladenović
Cultural Centre of Belgrade’s Hall, Kolarčeva 6
20.30 – 22.30 Concerts and poetry reading: 
-Jovica Ivanovski reads poetry
- Ah, Ahilej  will play and sing poems of  Bertolt Brecht, Raymond Carver, Bora Ćosić, Alek Vukadinović, Miloš Živanović, Toma Marković...
- Primož Čučnik reads poetry
- Orasi perform  pop-rock arrangements of  poems ofMomčilo Nastasijević, Rastko Petrović ...
Wednesday, 22nd March
Belgrade Youth Centre, Amerikana Hall, Dečanska 1
„Разговори у књижари/Conversations in the Bookstore by Beopolis Bookstore and Belgrade Cultural Centre:
18.00 – 19.00  Discussion: Poetry/Music/Rock'N'Roll
Participants: to be conclude
Moderators: Tijana Spasić and Bojan Marjanović
19.00 – 20.30  Listening to poetry: Luciano Cecchinel, Primož Čučnik, Jovica Ivanovski, Ognjenka Lakićević, Vladimir Kopicl, Aleksandar Šurbatović, Maša Senčić, Bojan Marjanović,  Miloš Živanović
21.00 – 23.00  Concerts and poetry reading: 
- Ewa Sonnenberg reads poetry
- Kralj Čačka, Concert for the World Poetry Day
- Uroš Bojanović reads poetry
- The Vocal Clash performe poetry of Dragan Bišković (tribute to The Clash)
During the Festival:
Audio online program:
Radio play / Polifonic song of Gianni Gregory-Fornet (Bordeaux, France ): Lucky You !
bilingual French-Serbian project :
2x27 min


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